Scott hard at work.

Scott hard at work.

Scott Obernberger

Scott has been working with clay for ten years.  Initially just a hobby to escape from the grind of the "day job", Scott has found his calling and looks forward to the next chapter -- working to make what was a hobby into a profession.

Having practiced law for more than 18 years, the transition to potter may appear anything other than a natural fit.  "My focus for the first half of my life had always been in areas where I used my analytical skills -- from being a Politics major at The Catholic University of America to representing thousands of clients in court and running my own litigation practice in Milwaukee.  Taking up pottery as a hobbyist was an incredible change in how I both thought and saw the world.  Art opens your mind and lets you see things that we miss in everyday life.  For example, the barren trees in winter we presume are cold and lifeless.  Look at them again against the pale gray sky.  They become an intricate mesh, almost like lace, dotting the countryside.  Art opens up possibilities we don't always see or take for granted."

Scott, thanks to the encouragement of family and friends, and especially thanks to his friend Brian, began taking classes at local pottery studios.  Scott ventured out and began taking classes in North Carolina at the John C. Campbell Folk School from great potters -- Stephen Jepson, Robert Putnam, Susan Bach, Timothy Weber, and Nan Rothwell.  "I learned so much from each of these incredible potters.  With each class I took, I saw definite improvement in my work.  I cannot speak highly enough of them or of the John Campbell Folk School."

With the intention of continuing to learn his craft, Scott looks forward to taking additional classes, learning new techniques, and constantly expanding his repertoire in clay.  "There is so much more that I want to accomplish in clay.  It is an art form that allows for constant change and experimentation.  It is the artistic marriage of control and chaos -- you never know what you'll have till it's done.  I don't know yet where this journey will take me, but I am excited to find out."

"When it comes to accessibility and usefulness, I firmly believe that art should be functional and attainable for all.  Most of my work costs less than $50.00 -- art should never be so expensive that people are afraid to use it."

Our Mission

Our mission will always be to provide a high quality product at a reasonable price.  Pottery was meant to be used and enjoyed.  It is meant to be functional art, not placed on a shelf, but on your table -- a tool for you to use when breaking bread with friends or enjoying quiet time curled up with a good book and a mug of coffee, hot cocoa, or tea.  Pottery is meant to enhance, not take over.

Stores That Carry Twice Baked Pottery

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